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FiOS vs Dish Options
#1 Posted : Tuesday, December 25, 2007 9:52:02 PM
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Well I have had FiOS for about 10 days now and can compare the two services. The biggest improvement has been the SD video quality. That really surprised me as I was expecting the HD to show the big improvement. However, watching football over the weekend I thought the FiOS HD on CBS was much better than dish. Part of the difference is with FiOS I was able to use a cable card as I cannot do that with dish. This means only the TV does the scaling instead of the box and the TV. When I did use a box for VOD some of the SD pictures were quite good. However, it seemed to depend on the channel. In some cases I thought the movies were close to DVD quality. One thing with FiOS is that for SD it will pass the signal through as SD and not try to upscale it. This means that your tv will do the only scaling, and depending on your tv this could be a vast improvement.

Another improvement FiOS has is price. Depending on your setup this could be a huge savings. Because dish has DVR that will serve two TVs, but FiOS has a DVR that can be accessed from other boxes. FiOS you do not need to pay to lease the equipment. The fees with FiOS are much simpler.

Many people do not like the FiOS box, while I do not like some things about them; my biggest complaint is the space. If FiOS would allow one to add an external hard drive, I would be fine with it.

Overall I think FiOS offers a better picture at a better price.
#2 Posted : Thursday, December 27, 2007 1:20:57 PM
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I agree with your comparison to Dish. Regarding the SD upscaling, by default, the FiOS box will send a 480p for SD and 1080i for HD channels. This is annoying for certain TVs like mine, because my TV takes a second to detect the change in video signal. So every time I change from an HD channel or SD channel, this delay and black screen occurs. However the upside, like you said, is that the TV would do the processing rather than relying on the Motorola box to do the upscaling. This is a selectable option, accessible through the a special menu. It's referred to as 4:3 override.
#3 Posted : Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:35:07 PM
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I guess my concern is switching from the 622 and 722 to the FIOS box. I really come to enjoy and appreciate the box. It can record 3 shows at once (1 OTA and 2 Satelite). So the box is my first concern. The second is basically, how is the cost in comparision? I know I pay around $70 all in for what i need.. and it gives me 3 tvs.. how much is the equivalent in FIOS? Seems pretty similiar 44+20+HD box,etc
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